Sendai Symposium on Marine Microplastic Problems

13:00 Registration
13:20 Opening remarks:Dr. Hiroshi Fukumura (President: NIT,Sendai College)
13:30 【 Special Lecture 】
Dr. Shumpei Iehata (Universiti Malaysia Terengganu)
“Current statua of microplasticin Malaysia”
14:00 【 Invited Lecture 】
Dr. Yusof Shuaib Ibrahim (Universiti Malaysia Terengganu)
“First evidence that microplastic exists in living human specimens”
14:30 【 Invited Lecture 】
Managing Director Yoshinobu Matutani (Maruhon Corporation)
”An actual cleaning work in the sea”
14:50 -------- Coffee Break --------
15:00 【 Special Lecture 】
Prof. Olaf Karthaus (Chitose Inst. of Sci. and Tech.)
“Why Microplastics are a problem: Degradation mechanism, adsorption of harmful chemicals and bacteria“
15:30 【 Invited Lecture 】
Prof. Jun Sonoda (NIT, Sendai College)
“Detection of marine plastic using AI and remote sensing techniques”
16:00 【 Invited Lecture 】
Global Marketing Dept. Kiyoshi Wada (Shimadzu Corporation)
“Analysis trends of microplastics and their latest cases”
16:20 【 Special Lecture 】
Prof. Toshiaki Yoshioka (Tohoku Univ, Graduate School of Environmental Studies )
”Integration of arterial and venous industries & promotion of plastic recycling”
17:00 -------- Free Discussion --------
17:20 Closing remarks : Dr. Hiroshi Fukumura (President: NIT, Sendai College)
Organizer National Institute of Technology, Sendai College
Co-organizer BIOSYS Corporation
Tohoku University, Graduate School of Science
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